Case study : 8 blogs that rock


Aan wie gewoon is om in het Nederlands te lezen: deze keer uit tijdsgebrek even alleen een Engelse versie van de post. Het is zo al lang genoeg me dunkt. En ik veronderstel dat het zo ook wel zal lukken, ik ken toch geen moeilijke woorden in het Engels. 

For the last two weeks  a lot of thinking, analysing and list making has been going on over here. 
I’m following the Blogging your Way BLOG BOSS ecourse by the inspiring  Decor8, which will hopefully lead to a better, more balanced and less chaotic blog (and bloglife). 
Holly Becker of Decor8, Irene Hoofs of Bloesem and Stefanie Luxat of Ohhh…  Mhhh… are the teachers, so you can imagine the tons of interesting information, helpful tips and eye opening advice I’m getting lately. Enough to realize how much can be done to improve. Right. So I have long, very long lists with things to do/to check/to remember and bit by bit you will see some changes here at Villa Appelzee. All your comments on the make over are more than welcome by the way.
The course runs for 4 weeks and every week we get homework. This week we had to make a case study on 8 blogs we like. A difficult choice, off course, and to avoid feeling guilty I skipped all blogs in Dutch (except one). 
So here is my list of 8 (in random order) very nice, inspiring, (not Belgian or Dutch) blogs: 

What’s not to like about Carnets Parisiens? Her blog is fresh, modern and sweet, she’s an amazing food photographer and stylist (and cook no doubt) and she combines lovely pictures with more personal texts. AND she made the beautiful online magazine Knot. 
One to watch and learn!

* Ko-Ko-Ko Kids

No, I don’t speak or read Russian, but I keep checking out this blog (Google Translate helps a little) because of the fine ideas to make and to with the kids. Mostly the pictures speak for themselves and there are lots of them. Need inspiration for a fun day with the children? This is your blog!

This is one of the first blogs I discovered, years ago, and I was thrilled to find such a vast number of creative ideas, for free, for everybody to use. She shares her own crafty ideas, nice tutorials and free printables, but also shows you where to find more goodies on other blogs. It’s a never ending source of creativity. 

This is also one of my all time favorites. I especially like the way she writes about lot’s of different topics (DIY, interior, inspiration, other bloggers or artists) but still keeps an overall style and look to all the posts. I’m not sure how she does that. Maybe by keeping the background clean and empty, or by organising her categories very clear. Hmm, have a bit more case studying to do on this one! 

* My Poppet

This is a blog I recently discovered and I liked it right away. It is stuffed with nice and inspiring posts, looks great (inviting, happy and warm), is very well organised,  professionally made but not aloof. What was the word … blogenvy? 

Ingthings is the only exception I make on my banning Dutch and Belgian blogs. This lady is so talented in finding beauty in everything, and in opening your eyes for it as well. Her pictures are sweet, her tutorials lovely, her style of writing is personal and friendly.
To me she is a great example of how staying true to yourself and your own style is the best thing to do. Check out her upcoming book as well!!

* Small Acorns

Amanda is one of my fellow students at the BYW course and scrolling down through the student blogroll I had to click on her blog Small Acorns. It’s too bad her shop is literally on the other side of the world for me, otherwise I would have a new favorite spot. Luckily I can follow her blog which I like very much for the happy and warm atmosphere and bright colourfull pictures. Her writings always makes me laugh, AND we share a love for Dahlia’s too. Feels a bit like a friend already!

Fifi is another fellow student from BYW, and her blog just blew my mind! She designs all kinds of wonderfull, colourfull paperwork for her own company and her blog is overwhelming with colour, inspiring pictures, and surprise give aways of her designs. Very nice! 




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